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Alex Li


As a high schooler at Commonwealth in Boston, I have volunteered at local historical societies including the Cambridge Historical Society and the Chinese Historical Society of New England, helping out at social events, transcribing and conducting oral histories, and preserving archives and newspapers. I love hearing about people’s stories and their experiences in life and hope to be able to share them to new audiences. When not talking to people, you can find me dancing or swimming around.

Vivian Ye


Growing up in an immigrant household, I have always felt a deep connection to my family’s heritage and always want to learn more, whether it’s learning our mother tongue, Mandarin Chinese, or hearing my grandparents’ stories of the war. I hope to unearth stories from the past, using them to teach others and mix cultures in today’s world. I am a student at Commonwealth School in Boston. When I’m not discussing history, I’m working on school plays, painting, listening to MUNA, and caring for my succulent, William.

Sophia Ying


I’m an oral history enthusiast and a sophomore at Commonwealth School in Boston’s Back Bay. Educated at an all-girls elementary school, a Japanese public school, a German middle school, and an academically liberal high school, I have a deep understanding of the importance of cultural diversity. When I’m not trying to effect change in the world, I am a competitive figure skater in four different disciplines. I also hand out candy 24/7, much to the delight of my classmates and to the chagrin of my teachers. I also attended the Greater Boston Diversity Conference in 2018 to share the German perspective on diversity of Germans across Europe.

Raphael Yamamoto


Coming from a family with roots in various countries, I’ve always been interested in hearing people’s stories. Not only are they a good way to connect with people, they allow us to gain a deeper understanding about people’s experiences and backgrounds. Because of this, I’m excited to work on History2Us. I love discussing games and working on new projects, as well as learning about computer science, neuroscience, and history. I also enjoy drawing and painting. I enjoy programming, learning new things, and drawing/painting. I’m also invested in the theatre program at Commonwealth.